Create Xcode asset catalogs on the fly.

Iconizer UI
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You can download the latest Iconizer release and drop it into your applications folder, just as usual*.
Or you can view the whole source code in the GitHub repository . And build it yourself. Or change whatever you want. You can also fork this project, make your awesome changes, and send me a pull request. Just make sure you forked the latest version and you're good to go.

* You have to allow downloaded apps under "System Preferences: Security & Privacy: General tab"

Generate app icons for OS X, iPad, iPhone, CarPlay and Apple Watch with just one image. Simply Drag and Drop your icon onto Iconizer, select the platforms you need and whether or not you want all platforms generated into one asset catalog, then hit export. Iconizer handles the rest for you.

You archive the best results by using an image of 1024x1024 pixels size.

Generate App Icons
Generate App Icons

Drag and Drop a landscape and a portrait image onto Iconizer, select the platforms you're developing for, like iPad or iPhone and click export. Iconizer will generate images of every necessary size for you.

If the screen rotation doesn't matter to you, e.g. you have a blank image you can also use one image for both image types. Iconizer tries to maintain the aspect ratio of your original image.

You archive the best results by using an image of 2208x1242 pixels size, for the landscape image. And 1242x2208 pixels for the portrait image.

If you want to use one image for both types you should use a square image. At best of 2208x2208 pixels size.

Create just one image at the scale of 3x, drop it onto Iconizer, choose a truly awesome name and export it. Iconizer will create an image set that you can use directly within Xcode. Every scale included of course.

You archive the best results by using an image scaled @3x and let Iconizer downscale it for you.

Generate App Icons

Special thanks to John Muchow for mentioning Iconizer at Mac Dev Weekly

Oct 14, 2015
Version 2.1.1
Small update to improve the App Transport Security (ATS), to make the update process a bit more secure.

App Transport Security (ATS) lets an app add a declaration to its Info.plist file that specifies the domains with which it needs secure communication. ATS prevents accidental disclosure, provides secure default behavior, and is easy to adopt.
Oct 01, 2015
Version 2.1
  • Support for El Capitan
  • Migrated to Swift 2.1
  • Animated window resizing
  • Fixed an issue with combined App Icon catalogs
  • You can now give asset catalogs a name before saving them
July 16, 2015
Version 2.0
  • Added LaunchImage support
  • Added ImageSet support
  • Added auto update via the Sparkle framework
May 21, 2015
Version 1.1
Changed export file type from *.tiff to *.png, since iDevices doesn't support tiff files.
Issue reported by @jeremyquinn

Download version 1.1
May 19, 2015
Version 1.0
Added support for older iOS versions and CarPlay. Moved the Export button into the new toolbar
May 16, 2015
Added NSProgressIndicator.
Indicate processing via progress indicator.
May 10, 2015
Version 1.0
Export app icon assets for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and OS X.